10 Types Of Cakes That Comes Under Baking Lesson 101



We love cake! This truth stands against the test of time as life and death itself. Hardly, there was a soul who walked on this planet and could say no to a freshly baked, decadent piece of cake. From sinful chocolate to rich coffee, cakes have carved a niche when it comes to celebrating occasions and moments with loved ones. A birthday is incomplete if there is no cake cutting ceremony. There is actually an age-old wedding cake tradition that has become a symbol of prosperity and faithfulness.

An anniversary demands a cake and a baby shower is incomplete without sugar coated sprinkles cake. And, the best of all, on any regular bad day when everything is going against you, a good slice of cake could make all the difference. But, if you are so much in love with this delicious treats or maybe, have tried putting on an apron once in a while to bake some in your kitchen, it is important to know the basic lesson of cake making or cake eating, for that matter. Its types of cakes. Yes, there are basic types of cakes on which the frosting, icing and creamy layers are added to bring forth the best delicacy you ever put into your mouth. This article introduces you to some of these basic types of cake. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

  1. Butter Cake

If you are starting your recipe with butter, cream and sugar, then my friend, you are dealing with a butter cake in hand. For best results, let the eggs sit in the batter for a while and add flour for nice texture and structure later. You can add water, milk, champagne, or any beverage you love for liquid needs, as per your taste. You can make chocolate butter cake, white, yellow and marble butter cake, whichever is your most favourite.

  1. Pound Cake

You must have heard this word a lot. It is a close cousin of butter cake. The name is so because the proportion of ingredients in this cake is weighed in pounds, a pound of sugar, a pound of butter, a pound of eggs and so on. Light flavoured yet delicious, these are served plain or topped with simple glaze.

  1. Sponge Cake

Dealing with lots of eggs, whipped and whites but no baking powder or baking soda in sight? This is a special feature of a sponge cake. This is the most diverse type of cake and is recognized by different names in different parts of the world, like in Italy or France, it is known as Genoise cake.

  1. Biscuit Cake

These are a type of sponge cake only but in this case, egg whites and yolk are whisked separately and then folded together. It creates a light but tasteful batter. For this reason, it is often used in piped or tube shapes such as ladyfinger.

  1. Angel Food Cake

Take the egg yolks out of the recipe and you have angel cake to devour. Only egg whites are used in the preparation of this cake. The egg whites are whipped with sugar until they are quite firm and this results in snow-white, delicate cakes that taste best with fruits. The absence of yolks, make it chewy and absence of butter makes it fat-free. They are cooled in inverted form because they will collapse if cooled right side up.

  1. Chiffon Cake

A recent addition to the cake world, it is an appetizing cross between an oil cake and a sponge cake. The recipe includes vegetable oil, baking powder but the eggs are beaten separately before being folded into the batter. Tender crumb, rich flavour and light texture are the three most appealing characteristics of this cake.

  1. Baked Flourless Cake

A cake without a flour! Yup, that’s what happens in this delectable dessert you are about to bake. They are made in a springform pan. The filled pan is placed in a larger pan which is half filled with water for smooth removal of the creamy cake and also to protect it from strong bottom heat of the oven.

  1. Unbaked Flourless Cake

Moulded in a dessert ring or springform pan, these are super chilled before being unmoulded. The common examples of this type of cake are mousse cake and unbaked cheesecake.

  1. Carrot Cake

If you like carrot or its flavour then whip this up in your kitchen today. Instead of butter use vegetable oil to keep your carrot cake fresh for a longer time. Rest the process is similar as usual.

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Love by many, hated by none, this cake has a special effect on the dessert-loving folks. From a butter cake family, red velvet is made with oil instead of butter. Cocoa is what gives it a unique red velvet flavour. A reaction between buttermilk and cocoa leads to the flavour. Originally baked in 1920, it has been stealing hearts ever since.

If your taste buds are earning a slice of freshly baked, moist, creamy cake by now, then enjoy the dessert and order cake online in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Pune or any other major city of India and devour your favourite in no time with fast and hassle-free delivery.

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