5 Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone



Unlike other precious gemstones that are mined from the crust of the earth, moonga or red coral stone is extracted from the deep blue of the seas. It is made by skeletons of coagulated marine creatures called polyps. That makes it a bountiful gift of the sea. Though it is made of sensitive skeleton, the toughness of red coral is impressive. It represents the planet of Mars in the birth charts. Due to this association, it reduces the malefic impact of Mars’s movement on a person wearing authentic red moonga gemstone. This gemstone is regarded for its exceptional remedial properties.

Understanding the Impact of Mars on Health:

In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be the planet of energy and warfare. It is accorded with the status of commander-in-chief among all nine planets of our solar system. When Mars is debilitated, it can cause a mangal dosha that manifests into several health problems. As a result of this malefic position of Mars, a native may suffer from diseases related to bone marrow, bladder, blood, and kidney. It also leads to cuts, wounds, and injuries. You can combat all these health-related problems and get benefits of wearing red coral. The main healing benefits of this gemstone are:

  1. Curbs Blood-Related Diseases:

As a powerful organic gemstone, red coral benefits people suffering from blood-related ailments. Simply put, it helps in curing diseases related to blood. It boosts the protection level and immunity of the wearer to avert severe blood-borne ailments. In fact, it is known to help in the growth of blood levels in the body. It cleans the blood and alleviates diseases like blood infections, allergies, and anemia. If a person suffers from high blood pressure, wearing this amazing gemstone can annihilate this problem as well.

  1. Prevents Problems Linked with Genitals:

It is one of the most important health benefits linked with red coral gemstone. Mars is also revered as the planet of vitality. Hence, wearing moonga as its representative helps in preventing issues related to genitals. This gemstone also helps in averting the chances of miscarriage or painful childbirth for a pregnant woman. It also cures menstrual disorders to ensure complete well-being of its wearer. Taking red coral powder with kewda water is a beneficial potion for pregnant women.

  1. Prevents Eruptive Diseases:

Red coral helps in faster healing of eruptive diseases and fevers. This beneficial gemstone aids in the treatment of diseases such as smallpox, chickenpox, headache, measles, piles, and boils. It also helps in preventing stomach conditions and digestive problems. Problems like weakness, wounds, bile, and typhoid remain at the bay if you wear high-quality and natural red coral gemstone. Here, you should remember that a gemstone is effective only if it is worn properly after consulting an expert astrologer.

  1. Effective for Curing Mental Issues:

Red coral represents a planet that’s perpetually known to be the source of energy and stamina. Hence, it can boost confidence and mental strength to impressive levels. This gemstone aids in relieving mental tension. It gives insurance from mental despondency, inordinate outrage, and nightmares. Kids suffering from malnutrition due to lack of healthy diet also benefit largely from this gemstone. The experts recommend wearing this gemstone for enhancing an optimistic outlook and focus towards life.

  1. Beneficial for Skin Diseases:

Red coral stone is also found to be immensely effective for curing skin-related diseases. People suffering from dry skin, pimples, rashes, and psoriasis, can benefit largely from this organic stone. If you wear authentic red coral as per your birth chart, it can heal severe skin conditions. Moonga stone benefits also include its ability to solve baldness-related problems.

Apart from these, wearing the amazing red moonga is also recommended for problems related to lymph nodes, head and provides immediate relief from diseases in these parts of the body. In combination with other effective gemstones, red coral helps in the treatment of anemia, diabetes, nerve disorders, kidney ailments, cancer, jaundice, appendicitis, asthma, gouts, paralysis, rickets, hernia, and meningitis. For a person suffering from stomach pain, it works as a panacea.

How to Wear Red Coral for Health Benefits?

People suffering from any of above-mentioned ailments can benefit a lot by wearing red coral pendant, ring, or bracelet in a proper way. This gemstone emits its positive effects only if you purchase natural stone. Synthetic coral does not bring any desired results and may work against the wearer. A person must also follow the right procedure for wearing coral stones. An Italian coral embedded into a copper or gold ring can be opted for. It should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand on the morning of Tuesday. It is believed that this auspicious stone starts showing its effects within a week. But, you ought to invest wisely in a genuine stone that isn’t treated or heated for color enhancement.

How to Buy Authentic Red Coral?

The bright red gemstone is a popular astrological remedy to ensure success and wellbeing of its owners. To buy the best quality moonga stone, you must carefully examine the color, origin, and clarity of the gemstone. The natural moonga has a bright red color with a smooth and lustrous surface. Italian moonga is considered to be the best quality for astrological and healing purposes.

There aren’t too many hues available in red coral. Its color usually differs in terms of intensity ranging from deep red to warm red and warm pink. Ox-blood-red coral with a brilliant luster is the most desirable variety that you must look for. This opaque gemstone is not judged for clarity on its inner surface. Rather, the surface markings, luster, and texture are the parameters for checking its clarity.

The inclusions in this stone are avidently found in the form of black spots, blemishes, wood grain effects, or groove pits. Look for these signs before buying a gemstone. The cut can be chosen as per your choice but carat weight must be considered as per the recommendations of an expert astrologer.

Most importantly, you must consider a reputable gemstone store like GemPundit.com for buying red coral stone online for its health benefits. The store must have detailed catalogs along with proper illustrations and images of the gemstone. To ensure your peace of mind, it must provide a free authenticity certificate from a recognized gemology laboratory.

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