Is Timber Cladding Good To Use?



Timber cladding is a modern finishing material for a wide range of homes – from barn changes through to ultra-contemporary self-build projects.

Available in a kind of warm, characterful hues, Accoya provides an eye-catching cover for both traditional and contemporary builds. This qualified product undergoes an acetylation method which renders the timber more dimensionally constant.

Because this process happens at a molecular level, each cross-section of the wood is exceptionally durable and stable,” says Laura Ladd on behalf of Accoya. “This means it’s fit for a range of applications and outdoor projects, even in severe environments.

Benefits of Timber Cladding

Timber cladding has become a hugely attractive feature on buildings and structures across the UK. It usually appears on programmes such as Grand Designs and is much loved by architects globally.

There are so many acp cladding design for the rise in popularity; timber cladding is sustainable, insulating and above all, looks great. It can be used on commercial and domestic goods alike and can turn even the plainest of buildings into exciting and visually pleasing constructions.

Timber cladding is designed using long strips of hard or softwood timber and affixing them to the exterior or interior walls. It can be placed in any direction – vertically, diagonally or most popularly, horizontally. It can cover entire buildings or just be used to build a feature wall – the possibilities appear endless.

Benefits of Timber Cladding:

Aesthetic Benefits Include:

  • Timber is original material, warm and comforting.
  • It is beautiful in grain and color.
  • It available in various styles, textures and finish choices encourages design innovation.
  • It is easily restored or redecorated.

Environmental benefits include:

  • Timber is a renewable resource.
  • Source certification schemes ensure its sustainability.
  • Low carbon footprint – needs less energy to produce than any other construction material.
  • Growing trees separate CO2 from the atmosphere. Using wood stimulates the expansion of managed forests to absorb more of this global warming gas.
  • The vital potential for re-use or recycling at the end of life.

Practical Benefits Include:

It is a durable yet lightweight material although some of the solid hardwoods can be heavy. It offers protecting and decorative design functions. Wide choice of hardwoods, softwoods, and modified woods to suit all budgets.

Production of low durability species is easily enhanced by preservative treatment, wood modification, flame retardants. Surface finishes can be utilized to add to or alter the appearance and give added protection.

Outstanding thermal and sound surrounding properties. Proper for both new build and renovation projects. Aluminium composite panel manufacturers prepared this to keep ease of repair. Dry installation means the external cover is quicker to install.

Removal of heavy masonry outer walls reduces the size and cost of foundations. Cladding panels may be factory pre-fabricated finished with insulation and breather membrane.  It’s a great way of experimenting with a building’s exterior, but there are so many more reasons as to why it’s great.

  1. Timber cladding will usually sink to a silvery grey color which can complement a property’s setting. But It can also be dyed or painted in any color for the desired styling. Something that is not seen with other building materials is the way timber cladding texture, and coloring allows buildings to combine in with their natural surroundings.
  1. Another of the significant advantages of timber cladding is the natural insulation that it appears; hardwood has been found to have high levels of heat retention and thermal qualities. Therefore, adding timber cladding to either the inside or outside of a home can help maintain heat and cut the cost of heating bills.
  1. Fitting timber cladding is almost easy to do, fast to finish and can often be done as a DIY project. However, if you don’t fancy the hefty lifting, a carpenter is the person to get the job done right. Our variety of forms, grooved, including tongue and V jointed and shipped boarding, make for an uncomplicated fit.

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