Memory Foam Mattress Technology



The memory foam mattress is a popular choice of most mattress consumers and many are swapping it from the traditional coil or spring mattress. The popularity of these mattresses is due to memory foam which molds to the shape of your body. Read below to learn more about this technology.

Memory Foam Mattress Technology

The early 20th century saw the beginning of a new era in the mattress industry as they started to adopt the latest technology. It started with the innerspring mattress, steel coils were covered with a soft padding material like wool or other natural fabrics and were considered as state of the art technology for that period. Until the 1980’s the innerspring mattresses were popular till the introduction of the memory foam mattresses. It slowly replaced the innerspring mattress and currently, the choices range from synthetic or natural latex to organic fibers and hybrid combinations.

Memory foam properties:

It is a thick foam which compresses when you press and comes back to its original shape when left alone. That can happen due to the viscoelastic property of the foam. Visco derived from the word viscous means movement when force is applied and elasticity means returning back to shape when force is removed. The reason most of the best-rated mattress use this material is due to the temperature sensitivity of the foam. The body-temperature is absorbed by the foam and as it warms up it shaped according to your body contour. Depending on the sleeping position, the foams sinks in the areas where your hips, shoulders or back rests on the mattress. That helps in proper weight distribution on the mattress and there are no pressure points created on your body. Your spine is straight and supported and thus helps in proper spinal alignment. Even if you change sleeping positions, the mattress adapts and adjusts to the new shape. Due to this property of the mattress, it is counted among a solution for back pain. Sleep experts like Wakefit also recommend this as the best mattress for back pain or joint issues like arthritis.

Memory foam and body temperature: Most people tend to get hot in the night and due to the viscous property of memory foam it becomes more flexible or soft after sleeping on it for some time. Traditional memory foam mattress was not breathable as the had closed cell structures due to which consumers complained of sleeping hot, but the mattresses manufactured these days have cell sizes that are big which improves air-flow and ventilation and creates a stable temperature throughout the night. If you are looking to buy a new bed, ensure that you choose from the best foam mattresses which offer temperature neutrality.

Manufactured with antibacterial agents: The memory foam mattress is said to be more hygienic than other types of mattresses as it has antibacterial properties. The allergens like bed bugs won’t live on them due to this. The polymer mix is added with antiperspirants which can absorb sweat and prevents it from reaching the surface.   

If you are not getting enough sleep and you toss and turn in your bed that can be reduced drastically by sleeping on a memory foam mattress. A good quality memory foam will enable even distribution of body weight and also offers great support. It also relief on pressure points and also the foam does not push back against the body and make your body stiff in the morning. It has densities in the range of 4 to 5 lbs and offers great durability and lifespan. No wonder it is the top rated mattress in the online mattress shopping world.

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