Why Oval Wall Mirror is the Best Option for Small Spaces?


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We give you some reasons why oval wall mirrors are the best choice for small spaces.


The oval wall mirrors can be very useful when decorating your home, not only as decorative objects to beautify, but also to improve the illumination of dark rooms, or to give the feeling that small rooms are larger, guaranteeing in the process give a touch of glamour and elegance even in the simplest rooms, so a mirror well placed can improve in all senses a space. For this reason, to make the most of mirrors as a decorative and functional element in your home, in the following article we give you some reasons why an oval wall mirror is the best option when decorating small spaces.

Elegant And Practical

One of the first advantages of an oval wall mirror is elegance. It offers a classic feminine beauty that, combined with the high quality of the polished and beveled edgeless mirrors that companies like Fab Glass and Mirror offers, gives a distinguished touch to any room. But not only that, the shape of an oval wall mirror causes that there is no correct way to hang it, since you can hang it horizontally to take advantage of space and have an extra “window” in your room, or you can hang it vertically on walls with smaller space. You can even hang several oval wall mirrors side by side to increase the impact in your room, he even, as the oval wall mirrors do not have corners or angles that interfere with other elements, it is easier to use them to decorate your walls.

And if you do not want a classic and elegant style for your home, but something more original and modern, there are multiple websites and videos on the Internet that can give you thousands of ideas, from the simplest to the most extravagant, that you can use to inspire when using oval wall mirrors to decorate your home.

Enlarge The Space

The first thing people think about an oval wall mirror is that it only serves to beautify. And although it is partially true, it is also true that they are a great help to increase the optical sensation in any space. This means that, if your house has small rooms or reduced corridors, using one or more oval wall mirrors will help you visually enlarge the space. If at the same time, these mirrors reflect a beautiful view (a garden or a mountain visible from a window, for example), not only you’ll generate the optical illusion that your small room is larger, but you can give it a beautiful view that will improve the visual quality of the environment. You can even use it to reflect your favorite spaces in your home, such as artwork or furniture, so you can enjoy them repeatedly.

Improves Illumination

An oval wall mirror not only creates the feeling that space is larger but by reflecting natural light from a window, it can help improve the illumination of any space, especially in dark corridors, rooms with little natural light or rooms without windows. In this way, a well-placed oval wall mirror can act as an extra window that illuminates your home more intensely, reducing or avoiding dark spaces, and improving the impression your home creates among visitors and potential buyers. This effect can be improved if you complement it with light-colored painted walls, as these reflect the light better than a wall with dark paint.


Vital For Your Bathroom

If there is a place in your house where a mirror is necessary, it’s in the bathroom. By nature, these are spaces that tend to be small, claustrophobic and poorly illuminated, and generally neglected at the time of decorating the home (since other areas are prioritized as the living room or rooms, for example). For this reason, a bathroom oval wall mirror placed above the handwashing sink becomes vital to your bathroom, providing illumination and space, an effect that improves if you have the opportunity to install more bathroom oval wall mirrors that, in conjunction with the glossy tiles, chrome and porcelain typical of any bathroom, will help to improve this space.

But it’s not just a matter of focusing on the practical. A bathroom oval wall mirror, shiny, high quality and with its polished edges, not only feels like a natural complement to the bathroom but can be used to adapt and improve the design of this, making it more attractive and at the same time more functional.


Considering all this, one of the companies we recommend is Fab Glass and Mirror, which in its catalog of glass products offers oval wall mirrors in multiple sizes, with hooks and installation information, as well as the possibility of making custom orders, so you have the security that you can get the ideal mirror for your home.

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